Regular Maintenance of Carpet Tiles


The basis of good maintenance is the removal of light dust which lies on the surface of the carpet tile pile and heavier soiling that gets trapped by the pile fibres and subsequently causes the carpet tile pile to flatten and appear dull and colourless. This soiling must be removed regularly, the frequency should be determined by the level of traffic in specific areas of a building.

When vacuuming a carpet tile it is important the correct method is adopted:

* A contract upright vacuum cleaner with brush and beater action should always be used;
* Ensure the brush mechanism is adjusted correctly;
* Do not move too quickly as this will reduce the efficiency of the cleaner;
* Vacuum in 2 directions, the second at a right angle to the first;
* Ensure the machine is emptied and the filters cleaned regularly to maximise the performance of the cleaner.

Stain Removal

It is important that stains are treated promptly because, over time, the stain may chemically transform thus making it impossible to remove.

* Use absorbent white cloths or tissue pads;
* Pour the stain remover onto the cloth, never directly onto the carpet tile;
* Soak up the stain by dabbing, always working from the outside to the middle, continuing until no more of the stain is apparent on the cloth;
* Then sponge, using a clean dry cloth, over the area from where the stain has been removed;
* Rinse and sponge the area to remove any residue of the stain remover;
* Firmly place an absorbent tissue pad on the area to soak up any residual moisture;
* Brush or vacuum the area.


Coffee, tea, alcohol, soft drinks, food colourings, chocolate, egg, sugar Alkaline spotter Prochem Stainpro b144
Blood, vomit, cream, milk, cola, sauces, ice cream, margarine, wine Neutral spotter Prochem Multipro S709
Crease, butter, suntan oil, oil-based paint, glue, lipstick Solvent spotter Prochem Multipro S709
Animal Faeces, Urine Acidic spotter Prochem Urine Neutraliser b153


These recommendations are suitable for most carpet tile installations. Adherence to these will, under most circumstances, result in good long term appearance retention. Zetex Carpet Tiles will not be responsible for poor workmanship or problems created by improper maintenance. The manufacturer will be responsible, within the scope of the product specifications and warranties, for defective materials, but that does not include materials incorrectly or inadequately maintained. If these instructions do not cover a particular site condition, or if you require further information, please contact Zetex Carpet Tiles.